I was driving with my daughter when I casually asked what theme she wanted for her birthday party. Since she is turning three I didn’t give her the credit of knowing what she wanted but I asked anyway. Her reply, “PINK.” So I prodded a little more thinking she didn’t understand. I gave her examples of themes that I thought she would like and her response was still Pink. Fast forward a few weeks and I asked again what kind of party she wanted. Pink was her response. OKAY. PINK it is.

My inspiration was this absolutely adorable multilayered cake from glorious treats. It is so awesome! I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to create it but I was up to the challenge and matter of fact, Glory makes it so fool-proof. Her step by step directions will turn any novice cake maker into a suedo professional! Thanks Glory. Once the theme and cake were decided on, the rest was fun to gather together.

Side Note: Of course Pink is the theme. But I had to take advantage of the fact that this is the last year I can put my twist on it without anyone fussing. Since she was in the womb, we called her Baby Girl. When she was born it evolved to Bee Gee or Beeg. How cute would a little pink Bee be on her invites. I had to work it into the theme some how. I had to!


Paper Circle Bunting: For those of you wondering, it is super easy. If you have a sewing machine and want to make a bunting go for it. It is fast and fun. I used paper punches to get all different size circle and scalloped circles. I used 6 different color sheets of 12 x 12 paper and pink thread. The hardest part was rotating the paper and sizes so that there was never two of the same next to each other.

Paper Straws: I purchased some on etsy because I thought that would be the easiest. However, at Marshall’s I found the same pink paper straws (50 for $3.99.) Way cheaper than what I was able to find online and no shipping either. COOL!