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A photoshoot-kinda-morning

As BeeGee and I were walking home from dropping off big brother at school, she stopped to pick a flower. Picking flowers has become a morning ritual for her. Thankfully, since we live on a military base, the flowers do not belong to anyone. However, once we get back to the states I will have to remind her that the flowers in people’s yards are theirs and are not for our picking! Anyway, as she picked the flower and put it behind her ear. She asked if I would take pictures of her when we get home. Of course!! Little did I know she would spend 20 minutes asking for this pose and that pose. Asking for location changes and so forth. It turned out to be a mini photoshoot that she dictated entirely. I did not complain one bit. I enjoy taking pictures of my little girl. She won’t be little for very much longer. *Sniff *SniffDSC_2765DSC_2764DSC_2779DSC_2788DSC_2795

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